8th Metis Science Meeting

Agenda and presentations

Wednesday 17 March
9.30 M. Romoli – Metis Introduction (Metis instrument status, Cruise Phase)
10.00 D. Spadaro – Metis Science (First orbit, observing modes)
10.30 V. Andretta – Metis Operations (planning, first results)
11.00 Break
11.15 R. Susino, J. C. Vial, S. Fineschi – Report on Wind diagnostics (TT-1)
R. Susino & J. C. Vial presentation
S. Fineschi presentation
12.00 D. Telloni – Solar Wind Scientific Ideas (TT-6)
12.30 Discussion and lunch break
14.30 F. Landini – F-corona Activities Summary (TT-2)
15.00 V. Andretta – Helium Diagnostics (TT-4)
15.20 C. Grimani – Cosmic-ray Investigations witd Solar Orbiter (TT-13)
15.50 Break
16.00 F. Frassetto, P. Chioetto – Reports on Image Enhancements (TT-5)
F. Frassetto presentation
P. Chioetto presentation
16.30 V. Da Deppo – Comets and Other Bodies (TT-14)
17.00 Discussion

Thursday 18 March
9.30 P. Heinzel – Reports on CMEs Prominence Eruptions and Blobs (TT-8)
10.00 A. Bemporad – Modelling of CME Propagation/Evolution (TT-12)
10.30 G. Zimbardo – Report on Coronal Shocks and Particle Acceleration (TT-9)
11.00 Break
11.15 G. Nisticò – Plasma Density Fluctuations, Turbulence and Waves (TT-10)
11.45 F. Reale, and OAR/OACt group – Flux emergence and Coronal Heating (TT-11)
F. Reale presentation
P. Romano presentation
S. Guglielmino presentation
12.15 R. Pinto – Large Scale Rotations witd Metis Synoptics (TT-7)
12.25 Discussion
12.45 Conclusions