Industrial consortium

The implementation of Metis has been assigned by the Italian Space Agency to an industrial consortium constituted between OHB Italia, responsible for the overall project management, the opto-mechanical subsystems, and the electronics, and Thales Alenia Space Italia (TAS-I), responsible for the telescope design, the thermo-mechanical subsystem, and the integration and test of the flight model. The industrial team is completed by the subcontractors of OHB-I: Antares (mirrors), SITAEL (electronic unit), TEMIS (EGSE), and by the subcontractors of TAS-I: ALTEC (test facility), AIEM (illumination system). The industrial program managers are Francesco Zanetti (OHB-I) and Stefano Cesare (TAS-I).

The industrial team supports the Phase E of the mission in the flight software and reference model debugging and development and in the instrument thermal analysis.