Metis: a novel coronagraph design for the Solar Orbiter mission

Metis is the coronagraph of the scientific payload of Solar Orbiter, the first mission of the European Space Agency program Cosmic Vision 2015-2025.

The Metis experiment is an international collaboration led by the Astrophysical Observatory of Turin of the National Institute of Astrophysics and involving 20 european research institutes.


Metis science

How energy is deposited in the polar regions where the fast solar wind is generated and accelerated?

Which are the sources of the slow solar wind at lower latitudes?

How does the global corona evolve and how does give birth to the huge coronal mass ejections characteristic of solar activity?

Involved institutes

Solar Orbiter: exploring the Sun

ESA’s Solar Orbiter mission is conceived to perform a close-up study of our Sun and inner heliosphere – the uncharted innermost regions of our Solar System – to better understand, and even predict, the unruly behaviour of the star on which our lives depend.