Metis image framed by the throne of Zeus, giving birth to Athene (Musée du Louvre, Paris)

In the Greek mythology, Metis is the name of the Titaness who presided over all wisdom and knowledge. Athena, born from Zeus’s head, was Metis’ daughter.

Metis logo

Metis logo symbolizes a solar eclipse. Just at that moment the faint emission of the corona can be observed also at naked eye. Coronal light, diffracted in its beautiful rainbow colors, is the background of the stylized Solar Orbiter spacecraft.

A high number of fans of space missions, even very young, participated in the competition “Disegna il tuo Metis”, proposed by the Italian Space Agency in 2015. The logo designed by Giovanni Simioni, was selected within the many artistic logos inspired by the mighty Sun and the myth of Metis. The logos designed by Barbara Russo, Andrea Corrado Lupo, Camilla Signorini, and Luca Bergesio deserve a special mention.

Metis logo designed by Giovanni Simioni and adopted by the Italian Space Agency in 2015