Metis publication policy

First-result publications and relevant «first» publications related to first minimum perihelion (April 2022, with Solar Orbiter at 0.32 AU) and first high heliolatitude (February 2027, with Solar Orbiter at -25°) shall have the PI as first author and all Metis core team as co-authors, together with contributors.

Publications of each Metis Topical Team should include the Metis core team as co-authors (TBD).

All publications using Metis data should:

  1. be sent to the PI after submission, to keep record of Metis publications;
  2. include a proper statement (TBD) to the acknowledgments;
  3. mention the correct DOI of the dataset used in the paper;
  4. cite the instrument paper (Antonucci et al., A&A, 2019).