Gruppi di lavoro ESA Solar Orbiter

Rappresentanti per Metis
Cleanliness and Contamination Committee Chair: Udo Schüle (MPS, D), Metis representative: Leonard Strachan (NRL, USA)
Electromagnetic Cleanliness Gianalfredo Nicolini (INAF-OATO, I)
Modelling and Data Analysis Clementina Sasso (Co-Chair, INAF-OACN, I), Alessandro Bemporad (INAF-OATO, I), Thomas Straus (INAF-OACN, I)
On‑Board Software Maurizio Pancrazzi (INAF, OAA, I)
Remote Sensing Instruments Daniele Spadaro (INAF-OACT, I)
Science Operations Vincenzo Andretta (INAF-OACN, I)
Solar Orbiter/Parker Solar Probe Silvano Fineschi (INAF-OATO, I)
Metis Communication and Outreach Federico Landini (INAF-OATO, I), Clementina Sasso (INAF-OAC, I)